Larger practices can afford staff whose sole focus is Revenue Cycle Management. Unfortunately, most small clinics do not have resources available to support this type of position. Since 2005 MRM has been focused on filling this role for our clients.

Revenue Cycle Management


Simply transmitting claims to payers will not create a successful business.

In today’s environment clinics require a solution that begins the collection process before the patient enters the office. MRM’s Revenue Cycle Management program begins by training your staff to set financial expectations during the initial patient encounter. We also implement proven process for data collection and charge capturing.

– Electronic verification of patient eligibility prior to service.

- Claims are electronically transmitted daily utilizing claim scrubbing technology that provides real time error checks.

- Payments are posted on a daily basis utilizing electronic remittance if available.

- Collections, procedures, and policies are specifically designed to support you practice philosophy.

- CPT and ICD-9 codes are automatically updated on an annual basis.

- Certified Professional Coders on staff to insure coding accuracy.